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— Anime protagonist with a tortured past that is still trying to grasp the magic of friendship (via thecornhusker)
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ABC of Free! 》C
↳ Child, children of Free!

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and i think we all know why twelve is scottish


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please, just- just see me

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  • kira: maybe we should just let the adults handle it
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apparentlyyouwuvhugz asked: what is a DÖNER? (I copied and pasted that)


döner is heaven. döner is uncoditional love. döner is GERMANY

it’s a turkish dish (also kebab or Döner kebab) and is like the german pizza. or mcdonalds. seriously, i live in a not really that big city and we have like 20 + döner shops in our area, to satisfy the german hunger for this food.

File:Doener berlin kraeuter.jpg

this is what wikipedia says about our fav national food:

Tarkan Taşyumruk, president of the Association of Turkish Döner Producers in Europe (ATDID), provided information in 2010 that, every day, more than 400 tonnes of döner kebab meat is produced in Germany by around 350 firms. At the same ATDID fair, Taşyumruk stated that, “Annual sales in Germany amount to €2.5 billion. That shows we are one of the biggest fast-foods in Germany.” In many cities throughout Germany, “Döner” is at least as popular as hamburgers or sausages, especially with young people.[42]

In the year 2011 there were over 16,000 places that sold Döner in Germany with yearly sales of €3.5 billion.[43]

Germany’s large Turkish community is probably the biggest reason for the widespread sale of döner kebap sales there:[citation needed] from the late 1960s on, large numbers of Turks were invited to come to Germany as guest workers, to help fill the shortage of labour found during theWirtschaftswunder, after World War II. Many of these Turkish workers eventually stayed in Germany, some opening small food shops and takeaways, which was an excellent option in terms of progressing from some of the more menial jobs that could have otherwise awaited them. x

döner > pizza, döner > burgers, döner > any other food tumblr loves, döner > MY LIFE

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The Scottish Doctor has arrived

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You have replaced every piece of yourself. Mechanic or organic. Time and time again. There’s not a trace of the original you left.